Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's that time!!!!!  The TpT Back to school sale is here!  It will begin tomorrow, and I am VeRy excited:) 

All of the items in my store will be 20% off!!!  In addition, I am offering a free item with a $10 purchase from my store!  Here is how that will work:

1. Spend $10 (after sale discounts) in my TpT store
2. Choose a product from my store that is $5 or less. Email me your Tpt username, amount of your purchase, and the product that you would like and you will receive that product for free! 
3. I must receive the email by Tuesday August 14th!

I have been working all day to finish the Common Core "I Can" statements that I have teamed up with Mandy Gregory on!  She is working on the third grade ones, and I am almost finished with the first grade ones!  Here is alittle preview of those!  I am almost finished with mine, and they will definitely be up for the sale tomorrow!!  Here are a couple of previews!!

This part is a teacher resource.  All of the ELA standards listed and compared to the kid friendly "I Can" Statements.  The headings are color coded for quick reference!  

The second part are the actual kid friendly "I Can" Statements that you can hang in your classroom!

The part that I am still finishing up is an excel spreadsheet for the teacher to use.  The standards are each listed.  You can put in your student's names and keep track of how they are performing on each standard!  It is also color coded for your convenience!  These are the first grade ones!  Mandy Greogory is working on 3rd grade, so check out her store for those!

** I was a little ambitious!** I didn't get the 1st grade common core "I can" statements completely finished!  But, they will be done soon, and I promise to put the on sale when I post them to TpT!!


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