Saturday, September 22, 2012

Morning Work Idea

So, I am going to be very honest here!  I have been completely overwhelmed learning a new grade level!  I taught third grade for five years, and I knew the curriculum and the kids so well.  I could predict the mistakes they would make and misconceptions they would have, so I would plan for that in my lessons.  Not so much in second grade...I am learning the curriculum, so I don't feel like my instruction is as deep as it should be.  And just about everyday I have been completely surprised by a misconception that my kids have.  They are very sweet kids, and I love that I don't have all the testing demands that I did in third grade!  I am just learning, so it is a bit overwhelming!  Sorry...I just had to get that off my chest!  I have been struggling with it all week:) 

I did want to share something that is going well in my room. I made this page for morning work. 

I included five problems that I feel like students need consistent practice with.  I made a math board for the problems.  However, if you have a smart board or promethean board, you could project this on there, and just change the problems each day. 
Here is a description of each problem:
1.  An open number line-give the students an addition problem.  They use the open number line to solve the number sentence.  The open number line is great because it gets kids to practice mentally adding tens and ones in their brain, and they don't have to use the traditional regrouping algorithm. I started with just adding one digit numbers on a number line, and I will move to two digits soon.
2.  A chart that the students complete for place value. The chart includes standard form, word form, expanded form, and base ten model.  I give one part of the chart each day, and the students have to coplete the other. 
3.  On the third problem the students have to balance an equation. For example 5 + 4 = _____ + 6.  I included the visual of a scale so that they remember that each side has to equal the same thing. Right now we are just using one digit numbers.  As the year goes on, I will include two digit numbers.  
4. Number four is a space to solve a daily word problem. My school uses a program called Target The Question. They have a word problem each week.  Each day of the week the students answer a different question about the problem.  I love it!  I makes them really think about what information they need/don't need when answering questions.   You could use or make up your own though. 
5. The fifth problem is a part/part/whole box.  I fill in two parts and they have to find the missing part.  We have a lot of discussion about related facts/fact families when we go over this problem each day. 
I like this morning work beacuse the students get used to the structure, and these are skills they can practice all year.   As the year goes on, I can just make the problems harder. Depending on your class, you may want to have them do a couple of problems each day. You can totally use your judgement though:)   I started having my students only complete 1-2 one day, and 3-5 the next.  We have worked our way to all five!  I love going over this morning work each day because I feel like we have a lot of rich discussion about the strategies that the students used/could have used.  It has been very helpful to me, so I hope you find it helpful also! 
You can pick up your copy for free by clicking here!  I hope you enjoy!  If you have any questions, let me know!  This all made sense in my head, but if something is confusing, let me know! 
Enjoy your Saturday!!


Alison Hislop said...

You will get the hang of it Britney! I have taught for 8 years and taught from K right through to 5. We switch all the time - it is a lot of work when you switch year levels though! Good luck!


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