Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Favorite TpT Items and stores

First of all, thank you to Teaching in Heels for hosting this linky party:)

Teachers Pay Teachers has become so popular!  I personally think it is the best thing since sliced bread:)  There are thousands of items to buy for WAY cheaper than at teacher stores like The School Box. There are also TONS of FREE items on this website.    In this post I will be sharing my favorite priced item in my store, and my most popular freebie from my store!  Enjoy!

1. Fist, I will share 2 of my current favorite priced items in my store.   The first one is this Halloween Measurement and Line Plot Graphing.  Line plot graphs are new to second grade next year in the Commom Core Standards. The common core standards state that students should plot measurements on a line plot graph!  This product (along with my christmas themed one!)  addresses that standard perfectly!  I taught line plot graphs in third grade, and let me tell you, they are difficult for third graders, so I know second graders will need lots of practice throughout the year.  I have one of these for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter so far!  Take a look! 

My next favorite priced item in my store is this fact fluency motivation activity.

Each time students master a set of addition facts, they get a crayon in their box.  This product also includes fluency quizzes and a teacher recording page! 

2.. Next,  I will share the most popular FREEBIE from my store.  Check out these writing offices:

These file folder writing offices include punctuation rules, synonyms for commonly over used words, and, my favorite part, writing prompts for when students finish the day's writing assignment. 
Well thanks for reading about my store!  Be sure to browse around Teacher Pay Teachers because there are TONS of great things on there:) 


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for linking up!! Love the file folder offices. Definitely going to check those out for my summer classes.

Next week's topic: Classroom Themes!

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